Slow Doula Method®

a tool to help doulas have the skills to take action steps in owning their role as effective and compassionate change makers in today’s birth climate.

What's included?

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Part 1: Introduction
2 mins
Part 2: Communication
3 mins
Part 3: Slow
6 mins
Part 4: Doula
8 mins
Part 5: Method
9 mins
The Power of Language
8 mins
Handouts and Reading
Handout: SDM® Components
23.4 KB
Handout: SDM® Tips to Connect You Back
28.9 KB
Handout: SDM® Unconditional Support for the Support Person
31.5 KB
Handout: What is DTI's Slow Doula Method®?
225 KB
Handout: Printable Cards
1.02 MB
Optional Reading: Deadly Delivery by Amnesty International
1.78 MB