Reproductive Health Certificate Course

Doulas will learn about support for all stages of reproductive health: cycle awareness, birth control options, infertility, abortion, and loss.

What's included?

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Introduction to Reproductive Health
Introduction to Reproductive Health
3 mins
Reproductive Justice
Reproductive Justice
5 mins
DTI's Slow Doula Method
Slow Doula Method®: Introduction
5 mins
Slow Doula Method®: Slow
6 mins
Slow Doula Method®: Doula
5 mins
Slow Doula Method®: Method
6 mins
Doula Support for Cycle Awareness
Cycle Awareness Graph
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Cycle Awareness
12 mins
Cycle Awareness Infographic
816 KB
Podcast episode #1: Cycle Awareness, Birth Control and Reproductive Health with Dr. Anna Saparito
42 mins
Doula Support for Birth Control Options
Birth Control Options
9 mins
Birth Control Options Infographic
518 KB
Assignment: Birth Control Options
Doula Support Through Abortion
Abortion Support
7 mins
Required Reading: Abortion Doula Work, an Essay
831 KB
Abortion Support Infographic
702 KB
Podcast episode #2: Full-Spectrum Doulas Vicki Bloom and Luar Wolf
58 mins
Doula Support Through Loss
Support Through Loss
5 mins
Kelly's NICU Story
21 mins
Support Through Loss Infographic
634 KB
Doula Support Through Fertility and Infertility
Support Through Infertility
6 mins
Fertility + Assisted Reproduction.png
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Podcast episode #3: Fertility doula, Alison Wehr
54 mins