Born Into This Conference 2019 by Doula Trainings International (DTI)

Born Into This Conference 2019

A digital recording of the Born into This Conference from 2019. Includes Decolonizing at the Root Part 2, The System of Parenthood, Strictly Taboo, and more!

What's included?

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Welcome by DTI founders Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano
10 mins
Keynote From Paula X. Rojas
Hear from Paula X. Rojas, founder of MamaSana Vibrant Woman
25 mins
The Reproductive Justice Lens
Moderated by Jennifer Sarduy of Re+Birth Equity with panelists Elena Colón, Laurel Gorrier and Sera Bonds.
45 mins
The Tellings
Jasmine Robinson founder of Collegiate Mom Coalition
14 mins
Moderated by Emma Robinson of the AFIYA Center with panelist Trystan Reese, Miriam Zoila Perez and Mac Brydum
59 mins
Decolonizing at the Root Part 2: Settler Colonialism, Granny Midwives & the Mayhem of Intersectionality within Birth Work
A discussion led by Dr. Alicia Bonaparte and M. Carmen Lane
(1h 02m 59s)
Your Body + America
Moderated by Sara Reardon, with panelist, Hannah Spencer, January Harshe and Barakaha Sahaiel
41 mins
Scholarship Fundraiser 2019
Fundraiser for our Birthworker of Color Scholarship and our Trans Health Scholarship
7 mins
The Tellings
Serenity Carr co-founder and CEO of Serenity Kids
7 mins
The System of Parenthood
Moderated by Gina Giordano, cofounder of DTI with panelists Natalie Telyatnikov, Heather Gallagher and Erica M. McAfee
39 mins
Strictly Taboo and Closing
Moderated by Jane Hervey, Sara Reardon, Katie Vigos and Jeremy Teel
(1h 09m 33s)