Born Into This Conference 2018 by Doula Trainings International (DTI)

Born Into This Conference 2018

A digital recording of the Born into This Conference from 2018. Includes Decolonizing at the Root, Birth World Meets Innovation, Leading with Language, and more!

What's included?

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Welcome by DTI founders Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano
6 mins
Introduction by #bossbabesATX founder Jane Hervey
Intro by Jane Hervey
10 mins
Decolonizing at the Root: Settler Colonialism, Granny Midwives & the Mayhem of Intersectionality within Birthwork (In Loving Memory of Erica Garner)
Discussion between M. Carmen Lane, MSOD, founder and director of ATNSC and Dr. Alicia Bonaparte, co-editor of Birthing Justice: Black Women, Pregnancy, and Childbirth
59 mins
Social Media as a Changemaker
Moderated by Sera Bonds, CEO of Circle of Health, Panelists: Katie Vigos of Empowered Birth Project, Heather Gallagher of Heather Gallagher Photography, Sarah Tucker journalist and author of There Is
42 mins
Birth World Meets Innovation
Moderated by Jada Shapiro of Boober and Birth Day Presence, Panelists: Estrella Jaramillo of Bwom and Chitra Akileswaran of CLEO
42 mins
The Five Year Itch: What's Next?
Moderated by Rachel Yellin, founder of Yes to Birth!, Panelists: Lindsay Askins, co-creator of Exposing the Silence Project, Francie Webb, founder and CEO of TheMilkinMama, and Ash Spivak, co-founder
48 mins
Stories of the Doula
M. Carmen Lane, founder and director of ATNSC: Center for Healing & Creative Leadership, Barbara Verneus, founder of Tiny & Brave Holistic Services, Eleanore (Nora) Frank-Cisneros, a full-spectrum dou
25 mins
Activists and Advocates for Change
Moderated by Surabhi Kukke, senior health programs consultant to Futures Without Violence, Panelists: Miriam Zoila Perez of The Radical Doula, Dawn Thompson of Improving Birth, Allison Bravo of Empowe
37 mins
Scholarship Fundraiser
7 mins
Leading with Language
Moderated by Becky Alford, Lead Educator, Doula Trainings International, Panelists: DTI Team: M. Carmen Lane, Tara Brooke, Gina Giordano, Malika Hook Muhammad, Jenny Bennett
32 mins
6 mins